I imagine you have arrived at this website because you are worried, stressed, anxious, depressed, or troubled by something that you have been struggling against for some time.

You might feel that it is only you that feels so bad, and everyone else is happy/has got life sorted out; but that is not true.

You are not alone

The social stigma attached to having difficulties means that most people try to hide the signs that they are troubled from everyone else.

This means it isn't that easy to see those around you that are unhappy, so the accuracy of your comparison between yourself and others is probably flawed.

It helps to talk

Keeping your difficulties to yourself means that you carry your burden alone.

The effect of this is the feeling of isolation you might experience, and although sharing your burden helps, it isn't easy to find someone you want to do this with.

Safe Environment

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I am a natural listener. I will listen to you and encourage you to talk about whatever troubles you so that you can share your burden in privacy and confidentiality.

I have lived enough to have experienced my own troubles, so have some understanding of what it's like to have mental health issues, but I also know I overcame mine.

I believe that together we can overcome your troubles too.

Professional Standards

My work is done according to the professional standards of the BACP, of which I am a registered member, and should you not be happy with my work you would approach that organisation for advice.

See someone soon

I can offer you an appointment within a few days of initial enquiry, depending on whether you prefer face-to-face or online counselling.

Online Counselling

I provide counselling via video, voice, instant messaging and email.

The pros and cons of counselling at home. >>

It might be hard to imagine from where you are now, but there is hope: after all, aren't you looking for professional help? That is a positive step.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step."

Lao Tzu
(Chinese sage, 6th Century B.C.)

You have already taken that first step.
Why not take another one?
Meet the counsellor.

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