I imagine you have arrived at this website because you are worried, stressed, anxious, depressed, or troubled by something that you have been struggling against for some time.

You might think that it is only you that feels so bad, and everyone else is happy/has got life sorted out; but that is not true.

You are not alone

Your problems are personal to you, and you probably think nobody understands how you feel. But there are many others who also think "it's only me".

Trying to Keep your difficulties hidden from others means that you carry your burden alone and feel isolated.

It helps to talk

It isn't easy to find someone who will just listen without offering advice, but perhaps right now this is just what you are looking for.

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I will listen to you and encourage you to talk about whatever troubles you so that you can share your burden in privacy and confidentiality.

I have lived enough to have experienced my own troubles, so have some understanding of what it feels like to have mental health issues - and also how it feels to overcome them!

I believe that with my support you can overcome your troubles.

See someone soon

Free counselling is available in the UK, but it can take a long time before you are at the top of the waiting list.

I can offer you an appointment within a few days of initial enquiry: whether you prefer face-to-face or online counselling.

Online Counselling

As well as face-to-face work, I provide counselling that you can have in your home: via video, voice, instant messaging and email.

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Professional Standards

My work is done according to the Ethical Framework of the BACP, of which I am a registered member. It is also supervised by a qualified counselling supervisor.

It might be hard to imagine from where you are now, but the fact you are looking for professional help is a positive step.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step."

Lao Tzu
(Chinese sage, 6th Century B.C.)

You have already taken that first step.
Why not take another one?
Meet the counsellor.

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